Technology : Technical details

Hidden polarized image technology is based on the fact that ordered polymer structure discovers the optical anisotropy. A set of the ordered polymer microstructures made in such way to form image or text plus some reflective layer below gives as a result the hidden (latent) polarized image. The stack of layers form security label.

Architecture of security label


Layer with latent image can contain any text, graphic (even photo) or variable information, such as sequental numeration.
Reflective layer can be hologram (see Unigram©), metalized ink printing or semitransparent coating (see Latentogram©).

In order to prepare security label for end-use, it needs to be placed on some surface (document, product or its packing) and that can require additional layer. For example, in the case of self-adhesive security label it is common adhesive paper or plastic. In other case, if surface is reflective itself, reflective layer can be omitted. While we can place security labels on any surface (or prepare security labels for placement by customer), pre-production experiments are made with material examples provided by customer to ensure high quality of the final product.

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