Technology : Comparison

Money, the most common medium of exchange, is great example of modern security printing features. The requirements for security of banknotes are highest while authenticity checking have to be easy and accessible to any person. Let's take a look at Euro security features demonstration prepared by European Central Bank and available on its site free of charge:

As you can see, high security level is achieved by incorporating a range of security features into the banknotes, allowing people to check banknote authenticity in several ways:

  • by feel (special paper, raised print);
  • by look (aligned print, watermark, security thread, perforations, hologram, color-changing ink);
  • by using special means (microtext and ultraviolet fibres and ink).

This is effective and widely-known security complex used in modern currencies. Also these features or their variations are often used for product and document protection. From business point of view, optimal protection solution needs to be innovative, reliable, simple and inexpensive. Let's compare latent image security technology to commonly used protection methods:





Common security features are well-known (did you know that watermarks were first used in 1282?) to both legal users and fraudsters. It means that security features is an old target for imitation attempts and they are no-more-miracle for users (like once was holograms). For higher security level special checking equipment is required — simple (magnifying glass) or more sophisticated (ultraviolet light lamp), resulting in higher security when using more complex (and expensive) protection and checking equipment. More experience brings more reliable and faster check — people that work with cash can very quickly determine "strange" banknote that feels or looks different than others, but to be 100% sure often trained experts and expensive equipment are required. High protection level is achieved by incorporating range of security features, different in price and application method. As result, more sophisticated and multi-stage protection application process is needed to ensure higher security of end product.
Latent image protection is new and looks eye-candy. With simple identifier checking process is trivial. Check result is obvious and reliable, everyone is expert. With provided security level, protection is cost-effective.

Latent image technology is by no means replacement of all commonly used security features, but its application provides efficient and strong protection, additional or sufficient, depending on required protection level of final product.