ATB-West uses own unique patented  technology to manufacture security printing products — Latentogram® and Unigram® security labels as well as identifiers for checking authenticity. According to needs of our customers we offer security labels in different forms, sizes and with arbitrary embedded information. Authenticity identifiers can be produced in any desired shape and design. We offer to raise anti-counterfeit measures of your products to the new, unachievable by fraudsters level using our innovative, simple, reliable and visually appealing protection scheme.


Authenticity identifiers


Security label    polarized covert image applied on a reflecting layer. Identifier    reveals latent information embedded in security labels. Security label   Latentogram® combined with hologram.

Differences between products

Our two security label products differs primarily by material used for reflective layer, which defines look of security label — in the case of Unigram® label looks like usual hologram while Latentogram® looks just metallic. Take a look at comparison

Forms and sizes of products

Products can be produced in form of self-adhesive label, hot stamping foil and laminating film. Self-adhesive labels can be made in different size and shape, with optional visible information, perforation and tamper evident effect

The form and size of both products as well as other nuances is a subject for negotiation with client, therefore pricing is possible only on individual basis. Please and we will answer all your questions and recommend most suitable and effective security solution.


Examples of products and protected items - labels, foils, films, textile labels: